Sunday, June 28, 2009

that's some solid theology, kiddo.

This was the exchange between Hunts and a friend (who is an adult)....

Friend: My granddaughter is beautiful. She is a beautiful baby. My daughter makes beautiful babies.....You know who else makes beautiful babies?

Hunts: (Super matter-of-factly) God.

Friend: (A bit taken aback) Well.........that's kind of trumped me there. I was going to say, "Your mommy and daddy do", but you're right.

Hunts: And God made the best baby of all. Himself.

Friend: Huh?

Sarah: You mean, baby Jesus, honey?

Hunts: That's right.


Sarah B said...

enjoyable! your kid sounds like mine! brilliant.

do you mind if i put your blog link on my page?


Hannah Bo Nanna said...

i am going to need an update!!!